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denola Rotary Mixer "pure" 2 Line Channel

denola Rotary Mixer "pure" 2 Line Channel

CHF 1'990.00 Standardpreis
CHF 1'799.00Sale-Preis
Farbe: Schwarz

2 Channel Premium DJ Mixer


only one mixer left, after that it will be end of life.


System Frequency Response 13Hz - 48kHz (-3dB)


2 x Line preamp for CDJ 
2 x Premium denola Isolator with 3 Bands
     +18dB boost - infinite Isolated
        Bass: 12Hz - 250Hz
        Mid: 250 Hz - 4kHz
        High 4kHz - 30kHz

1 x symmetric Stereo Master out XLR

1 x asymmetric Stereo Master out Chinch
1 x symetric Booth out Jack 6.3
1 x asymetric Master B / Recording out StereoJack 6.3


100% Analog Signal Path

100% Swiss built and hand soldered,

100% Swiss walnut enclosure custom swiss built
100% ALPS Potentiometer
100% Neutrik Connections
100% Best sounding quality guaranteed



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