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denola rotary Mixer


What happens when an electronics engineer combined with an audio engineer education is sitting in the garage of a music store and repairing the defect audio mixer of the Vespari Brothers?
Only one thing could happen, he starts building "the best sounding" DJ Mixer! 
So combine the best knowledge of professional studio gear with the expectation of two professional DJ's and don't economize any part of the personal ambition.  
And here we are, three years of developing, after consuming many miles of soldering iron, after trying different circuit diagrams and surviving some small explosions during development.

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As pure as possible in sound and design, without engravings or writings on the top, just handle the sound under your fingers and listen!

A pure 2 channel DJ Rotary mixer with 2 independent isolators and different output sections, that's all. 100% analog signal path, with the best available parts.

The measured curves of the mixer are great, but in my career I've learned, that measurement curves are not the most important thing in music products. It's necessary to listen and feel the gear, otherwise it's only possible to create a perfect working toasting machine, which generates sound!

denola Rotary Mixer inside


The complete mixer is engineered, soldered, built and tested in Switzerland. Even the wood comes from Switzerland. Every mixer is built by myself. And because of this special characteristic, it automatically becomes a custom built and a limited and unique product. It's not built mechanically, so the fabrication is limited to approximately fifty pieces a year, and believe me, i'm not slow in soldering ;-)

You have a good idea referring to how your custom mixer has to look and sound like? Special functions or special designs? What are you waiting for?

Contact us!

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pure mixer



2 input channels for CDJ's or RIAA

2 premium denola isolators

-one for each channel

3 independent outputs

-sym. Master out

-asym. Master out

-sym. Booth out

-asym. rec out

1 cue out



frequency response

20Hz - 20kHz +0dB /-0.5dB

10Hz - 50kHz +0dB / -3dB


+18dB / - Iso

Bass  12 Hz - 250 Hz
Mid 250 Hz - 4000 Hz
High 4000 Hz - 28000 Hz




33 cm x 26cm x 10.5cm

5.3 kg

input voltage 220 V

"other voltage possible"

External PSU

2 analog VU Meter 0 = +3dBu

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building time

For a standard mixer with normal parts and no special custom things the  expected building time is from 2 - 3 weeks. For mixers with custom logos or custom functions it can last up to 12 weeks. Ask us to know more about it. 


your own mixer

We only start building a mixer, when we've received all your informations. Every custom made will be discussed with you before we start. You will get pictures of the mixer while we're building it, so you can follow the production of your  personal mixer.

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We charge 50% of the amount when we start with the production of your mixer and the other 50%, when we are ready to ship the mixer.

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final test denola recording studio
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