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denola "pure" Rotary Mixer
inspired by Frank Vespari & Vittorio Vespari

100% analog signal path, "unlimited" Input Section, 2 pure Isolators,  
Swiss precision, Italian soul, self built with worldwide best parts

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The Story:

What happens when electronics engineer combined with audio engineer education is sitting in the garage of a music store and repairing the defect audio mixer of the Vespari Brothers?
Only one thing could happen, start to build "the best sounding" DJ Mixer! 
So combine the best knowledge of professional studio gear with the expectation of two professional DJ's and don't economize any parameter of the personal ambition.  
and here we are, three years of developing, after consuming different miles of soldering iron, after trying different circuit diagram, and surviving some small explosions by developing.

The Product:
A pure 2 channel DJ Rotary mixer with 2 independent isolators, and different output sections, that's all. 100% Analog signal path, with best available parts. You want to know more, so please Google:
ALPS Potentiometer, Panasonic Capacitors, Neutrik Connectors. 
The measured curves of the mixer are great, but in my career i've seen, that measurement curves are not the most important thing in music products. It's necessary to listen and feel the gear, otherwise it's only possible to create a prefect working toasting machine who generates sound!

Further a special characteristic, every mixer can be custom built, an other special characteristic, every mixer is built by my self. And because of this special characteristic, it automatically becomes a limited edition, because it's not mechanical built, so the fabrication is limited to approximately fifty pieces a year, and believe me, i'm not slow in soldering ;-).
Luca De Nola

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